Convenience Stores Directories

Many Americans depend on convenience stores to provide them with fast food, snacks and beverages. At present there are over 150,000 convenience stores in the United States. These convenience stores are retail outlets that carry out sales of everyday consumer products.

Convenience stores, which may also be referred to as C-stores or corner stores, are usually located at busy roads, sometimes gas filling stations. As the name implies, a distinguishing feature of convenience stores is the ease at which consumers can access them. These C-stores strive to provide range of consumer products available such as snacks while ensuring that customers are attended in a fast and amicable manner.

Running a convenience store offers some of the following advantages:

  • C-store are the go-to locations for retail products: In many communities in the world, people obtain most of their consumer products from convenience stores because these stores provide product variety and are easily accessible
  • Convenience stores act as economic boosters:  Convenience stores provides a source of employment for adults in the state. In some areas, a good number of their working population are involved in retail trading.

As a manufacturer of everyday consumer products getting your products to convenience stores is important in achieving success. These stores serve as medium to ensure that products reach consumers by selling directly to them. C-stores rely on distributors or manufacturers directly to obtain their products. Convenience store directories are used to access information about C-stores.

Convenience store directory provides a list of convenience stores, their names, location, contact information (such as postal address, telephone number, e-mail address) and possible distributors they work with. These directories serve to make the entire process of locating convenience stores easier.

Here are some common names in any convenience store directory are:

1. 7- Eleven: 7-eleven is one of the most popular convenience stores in the USA. Although owned by a Japanese company, it has become one of the largest convenience stores in the United states.

2. Pilot flying J: Pilot flying J is a fast-growing convenience store chain in the United States offering variety of products to consumers.

3. Love’s Country Stores: Also known as Love’s Travel Stops & Country, this convenience store was established in 1964. It’s remains a family owned convenience store chain with different stores located in various states in the country.

4. QuikTrip:  QuikTrip currently has more than 750 convenience stores in the USA with headquarter in Tulsa Oklahoma and it continues to grow.

5. Wawa: Wawa has about 800 stores in the country particularly in the northeast. It is one of the convenience stores which provide 24 hours services.

6. Circle K: Circle K offers variety of consumer products in all it 4,000 locations globally. It is a Canadian owned gas station/convenience stores chain.