Convenience Store Distributors Directory

When it comes to locating a distributor, most manufacturers do not know where to start. One of the most significant problems encountered by producers is getting their products into the market and that is no easy task.

Distributors make this process easier.  Securing the right distribution channel will get your product to the shelves of retail outlets and will help you develop a trustworthy relationship with retailers.

As soon as a manufacturer has established the nature of the product and the targeted customers, the next step is to secure a distributor to promote the product. Many manufacturers resort to using advertisements on different platforms, attending trade events, seeking referrals from retailers. But these processes are often insufficient, as they may provide limited information. The process of locating a convenience store distributor becomes a lot easier by utilizing a convenience store distributor directory.

A distributor directory is a catalog containing the company’s name, locations of distribution centers, contact information, nature of goods distributed, and retailers they’re associated with. Some Convenience store distributor directory lists out more than a thousand distribution companies. These directories provide manufacturers with the information required in selecting the right distributors for their products.

Some major benefits a convenience store distributor directory offers includes providing the following information:

  1. Company information: Distributors directory provide manufacturers with the name of the distribution company, number of employees, nature of the ownership, and general background information about distribution companies.
  • Contact address and information: Accessing convenience store distributors is made easier as directories provide manufacturers with contact addresses and information of multiple distribution companies; locations, telephone number, mail, and headquarters. Distributor directories may also contain information about their head employees.
  • Product specialization: Manufacturers are usually interested in contacting distributors involved in the delivery of the type of product they have to offer. As a manufacturer involved in the production of baked products, you do not contact a distributor who deals in beverages because his services may not be useful to you. Directories provide information on the nature of goods a distributor focuses on; this helps manufacturers to streamline their search; thus, saving time and reducing cost.
  • Distribution channel and market network: Distributor directory contains information about active market distributors and how to access them. They provide information on the distribution channels utilized by each distributor. Manufacturers can screen distributors that will best ensure their products reach the targeted customers.
  • Manufacturer partnership: Many distributors partner with manufacturers and retail traders to help promote their businesses and increase sales. Information about these partnerships is usually provided in distributors’ directories.

Distributors directory contains over a thousand distributors and provides easy access to distribution company information; thus, you are sure to get one that best suits your needs.