Convenience Stores Directories

Convenience Stores Directories

Many Americans depend on convenience stores to provide them with fast food, snacks and beverages. At present there are over 150,000 convenience stores in the United States. These convenience stores are retail outlets that carry out sales of everyday consumer products.

Convenience stores, which may also be referred to as C-stores or corner stores, are usually located at busy roads, sometimes gas filling stations. As the name implies, a distinguishing feature of convenience stores is the ease at which consumers can access them. These C-stores strive to provide range of consumer products available such as snacks while ensuring that customers are attended in a fast and amicable manner.

Running a convenience store offers some of the following advantages:

  • C-store are the go-to locations for retail products: In many communities in the world, people obtain most of their consumer products from convenience stores because these stores provide product variety and are easily accessible
  • Convenience stores act as economic boosters:  Convenience stores provides a source of employment for adults in the state. In some areas, a good number of their working population are involved in retail trading.

As a manufacturer of everyday consumer products getting your products to convenience stores is important in achieving success. These stores serve as medium to ensure that products reach consumers by selling directly to them. C-stores rely on distributors or manufacturers directly to obtain their products. Convenience store directories are used to access information about C-stores.

Convenience store directory provides a list of convenience stores, their names, location, contact information (such as postal address, telephone number, e-mail address) and possible distributors they work with. These directories serve to make the entire process of locating convenience stores easier.

Here are some common names in any convenience store directory are:

1. 7- Eleven: 7-eleven is one of the most popular convenience stores in the USA. Although owned by a Japanese company, it has become one of the largest convenience stores in the United states.

2. Pilot flying J: Pilot flying J is a fast-growing convenience store chain in the United States offering variety of products to consumers.

3. Love’s Country Stores: Also known as Love’s Travel Stops & Country, this convenience store was established in 1964. It’s remains a family owned convenience store chain with different stores located in various states in the country.

4. QuikTrip:  QuikTrip currently has more than 750 convenience stores in the USA with headquarter in Tulsa Oklahoma and it continues to grow.

5. Wawa: Wawa has about 800 stores in the country particularly in the northeast. It is one of the convenience stores which provide 24 hours services.

6. Circle K: Circle K offers variety of consumer products in all it 4,000 locations globally. It is a Canadian owned gas station/convenience stores chain.

Top Convenience Store Distributors

Top Convenience Store Distributors

Distribution companies are continually trying to improve distribution services through providing competitive pricing, timely delivery of goods, great customer relationship, variety of products and expanding distribution channels.

There are many methods used in determining the best distributors in the country. However certain factors are looked out for in their method of operation.

Some of these factors are:

• Marketing Strategy: The ability of a distributor to push products into the market is very important. It ensures products get to retailers. Efficient Distribution revolves around sufficient marketing; thus, distributors employ various marketing mediums to promote products.

• Sales Record: The sales history of a distributor shows whether or not that distribution company is recognized in the market. It reveals the ability of a distributor to increase purchase of a product.

• Product variety: Convenience stores stock a wide variety of consumer products and are more likely to go for distribution companies that can provide these variety. Distributors strive to store large amount of consumer products to ensure these products are constantly available.

•  Experience and knowledge about the market: The distribution industry is constantly evolving; different trends are coming up that’s affecting how various operations are carried out. Distributors must be able to adjust to these trends to stay in business and this requires a proper knowledge of the consumer market.

• Growth capability and Technological improvement: Technological advancement is taking over the world and Distribution companies must not be left out. Distributors must be able to improve their processes by employing various technology into their operations. This makes the operations faster and easier.

• Nature of management: This has to do with the ability of a distributor to manage finances, make required payments, manage resources properly, manage product prices and enjoy financial stability of the business.

• Level of employee qualification and training: The employees and workers make up the distribution company. Even with the introduction of automation many processes, workers must be in place to monitor these processes. These employees must therefore be skilled and properly trained to carry out these operations.

•  Commitment and business practices: Over the years, there has been distribution company involved in various community outreach in an effort to provide support for communities. Distribution companies must be committed to providing quality services to retailers. They must be able to cultivate confidence and reliance in the consumers.

Most of the Top distributors have exceled in ensuring in ensuring these factors are in place and have continued to maintain their status as leading distributors in the industry, some of these distributors include:

  • Core-Mark Incorporated
  • Eby-Brown Company
  • H.T. Hackney Company
  • GSC Enterprises, Incorporated
  • Farner-Bocken Company
  • Harold Levinson Associates, Incorporated
  • Imperial Trading Company
  • Amcon Distributing Company
  • S. Abraham & Sons Incorporated
  • Chambers & Owen, Incorporated
  • Liberty USA Incorporated
  • Garber Bros., Incorporated
  • J.T. Davenport & Sons, Incorporated
  • Cooper Booth Wholesale Company
  • Atlantic Dominion Distributors
  • Indian Nation Wholesale

Top 25 Convenience Store Distributors

Top 25 Convenience Distributors

When it comes to locating distribution companies to transport products, manufacturers are faced with a bit of a hassle, most especially manufacturers who are new in the production market, they may experience some challenges.

Distributors are constantly involved in tracking shipments and deliveries, ensuring that warehousing facilities are functioning and properly arranged to make certain products are not damaged and are kept fresh. The Top-ranking distributors in the USA have secure distribution channels, retail traders and marketing strategies. 

The Top 25 distribution companies are:

1. McLane Company, Incorporated: McLane has it headquarter in Temple, Texas and is now considered the number one distributor in the market.

2. Core-Mark Incorporated: With headquarter in San Francisco, Core-Mark have become one of the most valued distributors in the market.

3. Eby-Brown Company: Eby-Brown Company has been in operation for over 120 years headquartered in Naperville.

4. H.T. Hackney Company: Founded in 1891, HT Hackney is one of the largest distributors.

5. GSC Enterprises, Incorporated: It was established in 1947, has its headquarters in Sulphur Springs, Texas.

6. Farner-Bocken Company:  Headquartered in Carroll, it’s been providing distribution services since 1939.

7. Harold Levinson Associates, Incorporated: Founded in 1977, it’s headquartered in Farmingdale.

8. Imperial Trading Company: With over 300 manufacturers partnership, it headquarters is located in Elmwood.

9. Amcon Distributing Company: This distribution company has it headquarter in Omaha.

10. S. Abraham & Sons Incorporated: Located in Grand Rapids, S. Abraham &sons is ranked in the top 10 distributors of the country.

11. J. Polep Organization: It is located in Chicopee and has been providing services for over 110 years.

12. Chambers & Owen, Inc.: It’s based in Janesville, Wisconsin and was established in 1891.

13. Liberty USA Inc.: Headquartered in West MuffLin, it began operation in 1959.

14. Garber Bros., Incorporated: Has it headquarter in Stoughton.

15.  J.T. Davenport & Sons, Inc.: Located at Sanford, North Carolina, it was established in the late 1800’s.

16. Cooper Booth Wholesale Company: It headquarter is located in Mountville, Pennsylvania.

17. Atlantic Dominion Distributors:  Located in Virginia Beach, it was founded in 1875.

18. Tripifoods: It’s headquartered in Buffalo, New York.

19. Indian Nation Wholesale: It’s headquartered at Durant, Oklahoma.

20. Pine State Trading company: With its headquarters located in Augusta, Maine it is ranked among the top 20 distributors.

21. Harbor Wholesale Grocery: It has it headquarter located at Tumwater, Washington.

22. Southco Distributing Company: It’s headquartered in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

23. Richmond Master Distributors: Located in South Bend Indiana, it was founded in 1947.

24. Thomas & Howard Company: With its headquarters in Columbia, South Carolina, this distributor focuses its operation in the southeast.

25. Allen Brother Wholesale Distributors: Located in Philadelphia, Allen Brothers distributors have been in operations since 1910.

Majority of these distribution companies have been in existence for quite a number of years and have therefore obtained a good level of experience in the distribution industry.